Design Process- John Cruet Jr., A.I.A.

My firm is a fully computerized practice which utilizes Appleā„¢ Mac OS-based hardware.  All our designs, colored perspectives and construction documents are prepared utilizing such hardware.  Our designs are based upon object intelligence modeling using VectorWorks 3D CADD software.  Our construction documents and 2D plans are prepared using PowerCadd.  In addition, my firm is proficient in Sketchup, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Photoshop.  

My firm has broadband internet access which is used for product research and help in preparing specifications.  Documents can be electronically delivered in PDF, jpg, or dwg format via email.

Documents can be reproduced on our in-house large format printer, or can be sent to a printing house for larger quantity reproductions.

Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center  Courtesy East Wharf Architects, Inc.

South Shore Elderly Housing  East Haven, CT

Green View Commons, Branford, CT